Few of my works include :



DM Mastermind





Advanced Tech Video

To highlight the clients advanced AI technology this “Advanced Tech” video is including lots of advanced animations. We animated and added sound effects to images shared by the client. We have developed a Visual Identity that also supported the “Advanced Tech” feeling.



Corporate Video

A Branding-Testimonial video for the biggest European provider of Innovation Conferences for Multinational Companies. They sent us their footage, and we developed the video; storytelling, visual design, and effects. Later they used the video design on their website as well.



Branding Video

The entire video is based on high quality Stock Video footage. We researched 20,000 footages before finalizing the Video. It was for a European clientele so we provided an option of 8 different UK voice overs.


Branding Video

A branding video used in a LinkedIn ad campaign. We created all content from the ground. Using very high-end video footage and visual effects. Instead of recording, we could create a video at a fraction of the price by using stock video footage



Explainer Video

The client shared PPT images that we animated. We created a strong blue color Visual identity that followed the color of the logo. With stock video footage we created a virtual environment around being in Digital marketing company environment.



Spokesperson Video

We created all content from the ground. Creating a feeling of following a super user in the different situations of using the mobile app. We used footage with green screen and replaced with screen recordings of their mobile application interface.



Some More Works